Lisp Machines

What are Lisp Machines? See here (also has links to more information).

After hacking the CADR emulator (much fun!), I'm now hacking emulators for the TI Explorer: the Meroko and Nevermore. I sometimes run a real Symbolics 3650, but it's very very noisy... (Back in the old days I worked on real CADRs, LMI Lambdas, and TI Explorers.)


I hacked the keyboard emulation for the "new" keyboard, and the Chaosnet interface.

See some files for setting up the CADR system.

TI Explorer

Check the Explorer manuals.



Occasional MD CLOBBER PROTECTION STOP 7 crashes, reading #<SYS:DTP-TRAP 1> from random places, and "real" crashes, show the emulator isn't bug free.

To do


I'm not actively hacking this anymore - sadly, it's way too slow. The idea of writing a LispM emulator in Lisp is very nice though.

Patch for Nevermore to get swap space

The problem is that the third disk isn't found. In nupi-nubus.lisp, the function nupi-handle-command-nupi-status, change (ash (+ 2 2) 2) to (ash (+ 2 3) 2). (This stuff should use a configuration.)

Make disk IO more efficient

I have changed nupi-handle-command-drive-read and nupi-handle-command-drive-write so they don't open the disk files on each request, but keep them open. Will post the patch later.

Current work

I'm hacking the RTC support, and interval timers. The clock seems to be fairly correct, but microsecond-time is not - this shows up in timeouts and in the console idle time.

I have made some basic mouse support.


To do

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