Swedish Public Holidays

På svenska tack This form calculates Swedish holidays for a given year. Please note that holidays and flag days may change in the future, and that the calculations are done according to the present rules (so if you select an earlier or later year the dates might not be correct).

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New Year Day 1 January 2018 (Monday)
Epiphany 6 January 2018 (Saturday)
Good Friday30 March 2018 (Friday)
Easter Day 1 April 2018 (Sunday)
Easter Monday 2 April 2018 (Monday)
May Day 1 May 2018 (Tuesday)
Ascension Day10 May 2018 (Thursday)
Pentecost Day20 May 2018 (Sunday)
Swedish National Day and the Swedish Flag's Day 6 June 2018 (Wednesday)
Midsummer Day23 June 2018 (Saturday)
All Saints' Day 3 November 2018 (Saturday)
Christmas Day25 December 2018 (Tuesday)
Boxing Day26 December 2018 (Wednesday)

You can get the holidays in CSV, vCalendar, or iCalendar format, to download to your PDA or telephone!
[If you are unsure of the format, choose iCalendar.]

New: See also a page to make an iCal flow for week numbers.

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