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I'm a professor at Uppsala University, Department of Information Technology, Division of Computing Science, where I have a web page with more information.

Cambalache! Argentinian tango has a special place in my heart. Read more (in Scandinavian) at the Tango portal, or take a course? Gammalt system One of my hobbies is to run the ancient operating systems TOPS-20 and ITS. Sometimes I play with Lisp machines, too.

Art is also fun, and can be combined with science. My Erdös number is currently ≤ 4. My Nerdity Quotient was at latest measurements 61%.
Version: 3.12
GCS$ d-(+) s: a++>+++ C++(+++)$ US+++L++++$ P--- L++@ E++(+++)
W++(+++) N+(-) o? K-? w--(---) O? M+ V !PS !PE Y+(++) PGP t(+)
5 X+ R* tv(+) b++>+++ DI++ D--(+) G e++++$ h-- r+++ y?
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A PHP-based page to calculate Swedish holidays may be useful for you (it can also show flag days).

Some causes I support:
[Support MSF] [Support SSNC] [Support UNHCR]
Some associations I'm a member of:
[Nej till krig!] [Support Amnesty International!] [Save the Children!] [Cambalache tango] [Republikanska föreningen]

Den här sidan finns också på svenska.

'... & only as you gasp your dying breath shall you understand, your life amounted to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean!'
Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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